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Please contact us for a Free, No Obligation Consultation. We'll discuss your current business workflow, listen to what you feel are the inefficiencies with your system, and offer solutions on what we can do to make a tangible difference.


Custom-coded and designed Websites

Tired of websites looking the same? We offer web site design and custom web applications that allow you to take full advantage of the power of the cloud. Our designs are created from the ground up specifically for your business. No templates or outsourcing. Your site is created in whole here in America.

Level One: Business Sites

Our basic sites are created to showcase your products or services. Our designs are mobile friendly and implement basic search engine optimization.

  • Basic web presence sites
  • Shopping sites
  • Data rich websites
  • Membership sites

Level Two: Advanced Web Applications

  • Cloud Computing
  • Inventory Management and Tracking Systems
  • Service Technician Scheduling with Google Maps integration
  • Customer Service Management
  • Online Payment Systems
  • Invoicing Systems

Level Three: Mobile Apps

Our mobile apps are compliment to a web application. They are perfect solution when you need to gather data in the field, even when there is no internet or cellular connection.

  • Field Technicians
  • Data Gathering with no wi-fi or cellular connection
  • Task Specific

Our Typical Web Application Client

Our web application clients are looking for a custom, integrated solution to consolidate different aspects of their business operation (e.g. invoicing, inventory, customer service). Typically, these businesses have several inconsistent ways they record information, ranging from paper forms, spreadsheets, and multiple software programs to handle different components of their business (e.g. scheduling, invoicing, inventory, customer service).

In essence, they are frustrated managing data gathered from multiple points and need a streamlined solution for a more efficient workflow. Additionally, they are seeking to use the power of cloud computing to offer customers personalized services and share data and documents with employees across multiple departments and /or locations.


  • Streamline workflow
  • Customized to your business
  • Data consolidation for comprehensive reports
  • Integrated components
  • LAP
Rico Visuals is a photography and marketing design company based in the Northern California city of Brentwood. Rico Visuals also provides comprehensive web design services including web application design. Alfredo Rico founded Rico Visuals in 1994 and is a contributor to Guns and Ammo and its sister publications.
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