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Looking for a complete design package, Rico Visuals provides logo design, web design, marketing materials, packaging design and photography.

Creative Logo Design

Over the last 20 years, Rico Visuals has designed hundreds of custom logos for businesses. Logos often begin as a hand drawing and are completed in design software so they can scale to any printable size and retain sharpness.

Marketing Materials

  • Brochures
  • Product Sheets
  • Advertisements
  • Packaging
  • Photography
"I take my client's business personally. Their success is my success. I feel it's my role to create the most compelling materials to attract customers." Alfredo Rico - Rico Visuals' Creative Engineer
Rico Visuals is a photography and marketing design company based in the Northern California city of Brentwood. Rico Visuals also provides comprehensive web design services including web application design. Alfredo Rico founded Rico Visuals in 1994 and is a contributor to Guns and Ammo and its sister publications.
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