Alfredo Rico, Creative Engineer

Alfredo Rico is a blend of artist and geek. As an artist he seeks creative and dynamic ways to represent his subject. His geeky side enjoys streamlining a company's operations with labor-saving web and mobile applications. Alfredo's company, Rico Visuals, is a reflection of his seemingly disparate passions and provides photography, web application, logo, marketing, and illustration services. Alfredo is also a regular contributor as both a photographer and writer to Guns & Ammo and its sister publications.

Professional Highlights

  • Regular photography contributor to Guns & Ammo
  • Wrote the first article Guns & Ammo published in both English and Spanish (January 2015). See Aguila Spanish version
  • Provides illustrations for the column "Skills Drills" in Handguns magazine
  • Authored articles published in Guns & Ammo, AR15, AK47, Trigger, Shoot 101, Be Ready Magazine
  • Developed an Inventory Management System for a telecommunications company
  • Built an Alert System that notifies riders via email and text messaging for a transit agency
  • Designed an Updateable Document Library for a jobs agency
  • Implemented a Customer Service Management System which improved customer retention
  • Created a mobile app for a client's service technicians to reduce paperwork errors
Alfredo Rico has been creative all his life and feels fortunate making a living pursuing his passion.
Rico Visuals is a photography and marketing design company based in the Northern California city of Brentwood. Rico Visuals also provides comprehensive web design services including web application design. Alfredo Rico founded Rico Visuals in 1994 and is a contributor to Guns and Ammo and its sister publications.
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